Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving!So are little turkey had here first thanksgiving! Emma has her Halloween costume for next year now so that will be good. We had a good day with Grandma Latham and Uncle Chris! We ate a really nice dinner at Marie Calenders and mom said that is was the most relaxing thanksgiving she has had since she was a child. The food was really yummy and we could have all that we could handle so it was great. No dishes either and that is always good.
After that we came home and watched kong fu panda, and had fun playing with Emma and eating junk food. We had a great time and really needed the break away from work.

Emma loves her bitter biscuits.

Happy Holidays

Krispy Kream

On our way to to visit grandma it was "a must" for us to stop at Krispy Kream doughnuts. These are the only doughnuts that I will eat.
Doesn't Emma look cute as a krispy kream fan
Now I have a sugar buzzzz
I wasn't planning on giving Emma any but she decided to have a taste for herself. I think she is also a pretty big fan. There is nothing like a doughnut hot out of the oven. it just melt in your mouth.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods

So what a weekend we all had. We took Emma on a small trip to visit Matt's Grandmothers' and Mom and Dad in Nephi. Emma was a big hit and enjoyed meeting new family and seeing new places. She is not lacking in love by any means!
Grandpa loves Emma and the feeling is mutual.

Grandma teaching Emma how to kiss!

Emma showing off her skills!

My Grandmas' were always active, but time caught up to them, and we are glad for everyday that they are still with us!

Great Grandma admiring the show! Emma woke up from her nap to a view much cherished and loved by everyone in our large family.

Grandma's Song
Great Grandma's first visit with Emma! Emma looks rather shocked to meet grandma and notice all the family resemblance.
You can see that a great smile runs in the family.
This grandma played a large part Matt's life also and will always hold a special place in his heart. It was especially special for Matt for her to see Emma!

look at that full tummy

You'd think with that much of a full tummy that you would sleep through the night and not get hungry for a midnight snack. Not Emma! Emma loves pears. Once she starts she wants more and more and more. You can see how full and happy she is though and ask yourself. . . if you were feeding her and she looked at you like the picture below you would feed her more too.

I am a happy Girl!

Whoa. . . did I eat tooo much or what?!!! Did I really need that other jar of pears?

Girls just wannna have fun!

My friend from Boise called me up and we decided to have a photo shoot of us and our girls it was pretty last minute but I think they turned out cute. I must say these little girls gave everyone a work out trying to get them to look in the right place and to smile on que. It took five adults to acompliish what you see an this blog.

Kiss Me I'm cute!

These are some memories that will last a lifetime I remember when I was a young my BFF and I got our pictures taken together. It was just as fun to do as an adult and I hope that these two little girls will become just as good friend as their mothers.

The little girls were so courious and amazed at each other they poked and pinched at each other I think if I could have video recorded the session it would have supplied some good laughs.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Its always fun when grandma comes.

Emma and I were very luck to have a visit from her Great Grandma Pilosi, we had been planning this visit for a year. since we found out that I was pregnant. I was a little nervous, in hopes that Emma wouldn't tiered or grumpy but that she would be her happy little smiley self. My wish came true the second my grandmother opened the door to let us into her hotel room Emma worked all her charms using her best smiles and coo's. Grandma couldn't believe that I had such a happy baby. ( I wasn't a very happy baby that is just another thing that Emma has inherited form her daddy). We spent some time at the hotel getting re-aquainted and then we descided to go to lunch at Marie Calenders. Grandma was quite inpressed by thee food and some what dissapointed that there weren't any Marie Calenders out East. Then we went to Deseret book and the Quilted Bear where Grandma purchased a Cherished Teddy for Emma to add to the collection the she statrted me on years ago. Emma was excellent untill the last five minutes of the ride home. Grandma just couldn't believe that she could get that mad and that red so fast. After Emma's nuclear Melt down, Emma fell right to sleep and I was able to show my grandmother my scapbooks from Highs school and my art portfolio. I think we both felt like we had missed out on so much of each other lifes. But no sense in looking back,was time to make new memories so that is just what we did the next day.
This is Emma and her Great Grandma Pilosi

Matt desided that we shoud tryout the new aquarium. It was nothing like the national aquarium that my Grandmother had visited in the past, yet she said that she enjoyed this aquarium more because she didn't have to fight the crowds and because she could get a closer look at all the fish.
This is a picture ao Emma and Daddy stearing the boat watch out don't run into those rocks! This little ride seemed so real I almost wanted to grab on to the side thing when the boat left the(pretend) docks.
This is Emma checking out all the fish she was amazed and stunned. I wondered what she was thinking she after all, she did spend nine months of her life in water.

Hello Mr.Fish!!

This is me and Emma who is sitting on a huge octopus eeek!

Nice octopussy!

Now this was a real creature of the sea! Matt really didi touch this sting rayI thouht that It would feel liek leather but he said it felt slimey eewww. Mat was wet the rest of the day up to his elbows.

After the museun we went to and adventureous lunch where we were able to get the center stage of the diving show. I think that the restruant was alot like Grandma's home Florida. I wonder if it was a little to adventurous??After the restruant we desided to make a memory at build a bear here they are picking out a bear.
Here is Great Grandma kissing the heart to put in the bear for so it will be filled with love for Emma.
Here is Emma Crying because the stuffing Machinne scared her to death when it started to fill her bear up. Silly Emma, it is only fluff.

This is the bear when it was finish being stuffed and sewn up. Emma liked much better. On the bears gift certificate grandma named the bear Honey.

That was all for our visit with Grandma I think we wore her rightout. We sure had fun and made a whole bunch of fun memories, to last a life time.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The curse of a creative mind

Here I am midnight, and I am exhausted, and all I could think about today was going to sleep for the night yet here I am. The second I lay down my mind begins to turn. Recently I have been thinking of the christmas gifts that I will be giving my loved ones this year. It will hopefully be a great sucess, and I know it will take a lot of work but, the out come will be awsome. I have just spent the evening and the last two weeks gathering supplies. . . for the creation of my seceret gift. In a nutshell creative juices are still flowing like a flash flood and fit to be tied because of the late hours. My creative juices are some what a frozen and concentrated.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch!

Last October Matt and I passed this pumpkin patch often, and thoughts of kodak moments with our little one crowded our minds. We planned that next year we would bring little Allred to go pick our family pumpkin. Matt surprised us by coming home from school early. I think he was just excited as I was to go pumpkin picking. It is so much more fun than picking one from a box.

Finding the perfect pumpkin.

We searched far and wide for the perfect pumpkin and perfect picture

It's called a what? How silly! Why is it so orange!


Pumpkin Posers!

Matt picked a papa sized pumpkin

Emma thinks that this could be the one


I though that this was the cutest pumpkin in the patch!!

Last year Matt and I enter the pumpkin carving contest at his work in hopes that we would win the prize, it was close last year we got second place. This year. . . . . We received first!!!! And a Fifty dollar gift card. Here is a picture of the winning pumpkin!

Photo Shoot

Friday I decided to do a photo shoot of Emma and her Pumpkin I must say that she is quite photogenic, and I have too brag. . the photographer did a pretty good job!

Peace Love Candy!