Thursday, July 23, 2009

I love the mounatians, I love the fireside, when all the lights are low

I know it has been forever and three moons since I have been able to blog but, life is finally back to normal. At least I think so??? I recently took a management position in my apartment complex and I am loving the social aspect of it, but I feel as though my long awaited summer is slipping through my fingers. I had to do something summer so we all when up to Trial Lake up Mirror lake Highway. I really enjoyed myself but also remembered how challenging it is to look after Children in the great outdoors. I couldn't help but think of our honored pioneer mothers who conqueredthe great outdoors everyday. "Blessed honored Pioneer." There is nothing that attracts a child more than water and rocks here is Grandma Jen teaching Emma how to through rocks, and cute Gracie trying to get rid of the rock???? Grace was so cute she loved throwing rocks and making big splashes and sing. But don't try to sing with her she only like to sing a solo.

Here is my lovable, cuddly, whinny little one( come to find out she was Whinnining because her daddy put her diaper on funny and she had a perma wedgie)
Discovering the great Outdoors
Discovering the great Outdoors
The uncontrolable attraction with water (Grace for some reason had to "find a Potty" three times in an hour???) Does the sound of water make you need to pee?

Here is Emma and her Daddy kicking it around the campfire.

Grace and her Daddy

This is Emma testing the boundries of the quilt!

After we had all discoverd our share of the great outdoors the little ones settled down next to the campfire with a good book, and a someone to cuddle. Emma has her uncle wraped around her finger.