Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Trick Or Treat!!!

Emma pick piglet to be her halloween costume in honor of her uncle in Brazil because Elder Latham translated into Pourtoguese as Piglet!

Emma actually adores Winnie the Pooh and Piglet too she laughs and giggles when she watches Winnie the Pooh and the blustery Day. She espcially loves the part with tigger and the Elfilumps and Woosels Emma was in quite a mood maybe she should have been better as a grouchy lion although these picture she is quit pleasent looking

This Costume what given to us from our good friends Krystal and Cynthia. I wish there were more holidays we could dress up there are just too many cute choices

Grace (my Neice)dressed as A die hard BYU fan

Grandma Jen,Grace and Emma
Grace couldn't get enough of Emma, she keep trying to share here candy with her

Friday, October 24, 2008

Witch's night out!

Last Friday, we girls had planned to go to Gardner village with my aunt and all of our cousins. It was quite a warm festive site. I was ecstatic to get out of the house Emma and I had been sick all week and haven't done much. We are actuallyare on week two of our illness. Anyway this was a much needed night out we musthave been at the village for three of four hours. We saw all the witches twice! I would have gotten pictures but my camera sucks batteries like they are going out of style.

The Three Witches

I was so glad to have my mom come along, Matt was held up in a surgical case and it was great to have the help. Not that I couldn't have pryed my mom away from Emma. My mother is so funny she calls Emma "Her Baby."
Grandma treasuring HER Emma

Emma Chillin' in her stroller

She had so much fun taking in all the excitment and people (it was packed like a mall at Christmas.)

This is a picture of all my crazy cute cousins

After Gardner Villiage we picked up some Papa Murphy's and we all met at my uncle house to indulge in the feast. Matt met us at my uncles house and he just couldn't seem to get enough of Emma and I know she missed her Daddy.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

LOOK what came out in the wash!

Two weeks ago our very dear friend past away. . . We didn't know if our lives would be the same. . . until we realized we could buy a new friend. . . a dryer that is! That's right our ancient GE dryer died due to loss of a heating element and poor health insurance. I actually felt quite attached to the sorry old thing, but thanks to Home Depot we have another addition to our household. Emma shared in our excitement.

Look what came out in the wash!

This is snuggley soft!

Are my nails clean now or what!

( No Emma's were dryed in the making of these pictures!)

Everyone thinks we are strange for taking these pictures, but they are stinking cute and the pictures are unique plus the dryer was never on so chill!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall in the Canyon

I had heard from a friend that the canyon was at its peak in the turning of the leaves, so I decided to see for myself. At first, I thought there wasn't much change but as we (my super cute family-Matt, Emma, and Grandma) climbed higher in the canyon we were greeted by the most beautiful Autumn splendor. We oohhh and ahhhed at all the bright red berries, the terrific orange oak leaves and flaming yellow aspen trees. It rained the night before so the forest was carpeted soft oranges and yellows.

Well being the scrapbooker that I am dressed my little family in Autumn attire. My husband who is so cute hated dressing like a "preppy" but hey, we have some pretty cute pictures to make a memory by. . . We wished we would have remembered extra batteries for the camera!

Fall Folley

Matt and Emma

Emma and I

Discovering the fall colors

Emma loves her Grandma!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Emma laughin' it up!

Well things are going pretty well for all of us here. Matt is still doing really well in school and Emma is growing up more everyday. She had her four month doctors appointment and we got all of her statistics. She is 26 inches long, which is in the 97th percentile for her age, and she weighs 15.5 lbs which is in the 87th percentile. Matt and I are both really enjoying our sweet little girl, and she is full of smiles and fun! We can all feel the fall approaching and long for the cool weather, but Matt is dreading waiting for his buses in the snow again this winter. I am dreading being trapped inside all day more than I normally am.