Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mutton Bustin. . .1-15 style!

Hey everyone this is Matt. I have a hopefully once in a lifetime experience to share with all of you. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Emma and I went down to visit my family in La Verkin. Karen had to work late Wednesday night and early Friday morning, so she decided to stay home, so that I could spend a little extra time with my family. I missed each other terribly, but I appreciate her sacrifice in letting me see my family a little longer. I got down home Wednesday night, and due to weather concerns decided to come home early Saturday Morning. Karen was sick and home alone as well, and Emma travels better early so she can sleep in the car seat. I left home around 5 a.m. and the trip was uneventful until I got about 5 miles south of Nephi. So let me set the stage for all of you. . . imagine the early morning light with a gray overcast and a gray freeway. I was minding my own and cruising along at 80 mph on Cruise control. I was waiting for radio stations to appear again etc. I go up over a little hill and . . . I SEE SHEEP ON THE FREEWAY. . . not just one or two a whole FREAKING HERD! I was about 50 yards from them at this point and there was not getting around them. I was in shock but didn't have time to compute even a little. I hit my brakes and hoped for the best.

I hit two. The first one met my car broadside right in the middle of the license plate. I was hitting my brakes as hard as was safe, but I bet was was still going 50 mph when I hit her. She turned just before I hit her and gave me a look like one of these Serta Mattress sheep here. She flew back airborne and was dead on impact. I met the second one at almost the same moment around my right headlight. I hit the second one in the hind quarter. In my weird surgical brain I automatically thought about how, the one had severe internal bleeding, and the other had an inoperable pelvic fracture. So the impact slowed me down alot more, and I was able to pull over without clearing out more of the sheep. I got to the side of the freeway, and thought about what had just happened. My first thought. . . HOLY SHEEP! I JUST HIT A HERD OF SHEEP ON 1-15! I checked my rear view and saw a UHP trooper moving the rest of the sheep off the road. I know it could have been a lot worse. . . Emma slept through the entire thing and I didn't swerve off the road and kill us. My car has a shattered bumper, and I have a little tuft of wool stuck in my bumper that I am keeping as a trophy of my kill. I got an accident report from the officer. So I call my insurance. and they tell me that it is my responsibility to pay the deductible. If this was a first time event for the farmer of the sheep. It was of course, who lets their sheep roam the freeway on a daily basis. So. . . Merry Christmas. I went to my uncle Craig's house in Nephi and he helped me duct tape and wire the bumper safe enough to drive home. I think we will wait until after Christmas to fix the stupid thing. Crazy. . . sheep on the freeway.