Saturday, May 16, 2009

What a year. . .

A year ago today, Karen and I were headed to the hospital again. It was the second of our visits due to contractions. They ended up sending us home again hours later. We both swore they we would not go again until things got dramatic. Sure enough 5 days later we found ourselves there again. Things were not all that "dramatic" but Karen was running a slight fever and things just felt "funny" so there we were. They put us in a small triage room and took some blood. We both had convinced ourselves that we had overreacted as we waited for the nurse to return and send us home. I will never forget the site of the nurse walking in with the IV tubing. (A red flag for me, having been around long enough to realize the implications) Karen's white blood cell count was very high and her doctor was contacted. A high white blood cell count in the body is a sign of a systemic reaction battling infection. Appendicitis was suspected, and fear set into my heart. I have done at least a hundred Appendectomy's in the OR, but never had I done one on a 37 week pregnant woman. I was certain that it would be done open and they would just take Emma C-section in the process. They started Karen on an antibiotic and waited for the OB and General Surgeon on call to come on consult. I got restless and paced to floor of our newly assigned delivery suite. Karen must have got sick of me pacing, so she sent me away. I went to the OR, to see my friends and with luck find a general surgeon myself. I found one of my favorite doctors and spilled out me story across the table as they surgical team worked away on an appendix case believe it or not. As I was doing so Karen called and said the OB needed to speak with us both right away. I ran back up stairs! The doctor told us that Karen had a Uterine infection that required us to break her water and get the baby out. So minutes later he did so and a long night was started. Karen's water was broken at 10:04 p.m. and she had an epidural 2 1/2 hours later. I pulled out the bed/chair and we watched the American Idol final, and waited. I was still in my surgical scrubs from my trip down to the OR. At 7:00 Karen was ready to push. I called to OR for Karen's doctor to come up, she delayed surgery and came up to deliver our sweet girl as 8:20 a.m. on May 22, 2008. Karen was beyond amazing through out the whole process! Emma was born sick due to the infection, but and we were not able to have her in the room with us. Due to her state we were only able to touch her for 10 minutes every hour in the level 2 nursery. This was awful for Karen and I as we prayed and prayed. Days pasted and she started to gain strength. We will never forget bringing her into our home for the first time. She arrived home still needed IV medications, and weighing 6 lbs even. So small and fragile. We watched her like a hawk. We were all emotionally drained, and we are both so grateful to this day for all of your love during those days after her birth. Time over this past year has consisted of a lot less sleep, a lot more worry, and most of all a lot of joy. Emma is our little princess. She is a happy little content child with a warm spirit that radiates through her clear blue eyes. I would like to thank Karen for being the best mother possible to our little girl. I attribute Emma's Joy to her mother! Happy Birthday my princess. . .Daddy and Mommy love you beyond every tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mind Control

I am convinced that my child has super hero hearing after dark. I have come to this conclusion because every time I lie down she starts to fuss almost to the second. Are bed is not squeaky, so I think she must hearing a decrease in my respiration rate or something. The sad thing about it all is that it is a trap. . . she baits me. She fains cold or injured to lure me in like a fat kid to a twinkie. Sure enough being one of those kind of kids I take the bait everytime. As soon as I crack the door and she sees me she smiles a smile as if to say. . . HA It is so easy. . . Silly man. . .now come play with me. In reflection, I must admit that I am so scared by her control. Sure her mom controls me but I am used to that. She has tricked me into thinking it was all my idea years ago. I wonder if they have disscussions about it all when I am at work. That would explain why I am the one sent everytime. I bet if I snuck back into our bedroom, I would hear Karen laughing at me a little from beneath the sheets. HA It is so easy. . .etc. OH, wait I must go. . . Emma needs me.