Wednesday, November 9, 2011

10 year ago at this time. . .

Karen and I started dating 10 years ago at this time. We went on our first date on October 23rd 2001. A rockus Halloween dance at Dixie State in St. George. I remember meeting her a few weeks earlier with my sister Marie and telling my best friend Ben that night that I had met the Girl I was going to marry. He responded in true Ben fashion... Really. . .Wow, that's great. Now that awesome. . .Geez! Now he is married to my little sister and there 1st child is weeks away from baptism. We have moved 7 times in our marriage. Owned 4 cars. I have attended 3 different colleges and changed Career's 3 times. I have gained to much weight and she gets more beautiful everyday. We have seen a scary world get scarier. Share a wonderful little girl, and are enjoying our first home together. Karen turns 30 this year and we have our 10th anniversary next year. We hope to make it a great year. I still consider Karen my best friend and a great example. She so talented and resourceful. She keeps thing moving and makes my life a better place. Most of all I love her more than I can say. Life is not always easy, but I wouldn't want to face the challenges with anyone other then Karen. Just saying. . .

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sunday moments with Daddy

Matt is giving me 6 minute to get ready for church without interruptions of the two year old. Your are never to manly to paint your little girls nails.

Emma rethinking her choice to have her manicure from an amateur

That thing you Do!

I don't know what is so comfortable about sitting in porcelain sink but Emma sure thinks its a cozy place. it is the best way for mommy to get her hair done without a wrestling match. I still trying to decide if my child is normal or not for a two year old that is .Normal when it comes to the emotions one minute she happy as a lark singing songs and just like that she is in tears about nothing no initiative or ouwee. Is this a typical female ??? it happens 8 times a day talk about an emotional roller coaster.