Wednesday, November 9, 2011

10 year ago at this time. . .

Karen and I started dating 10 years ago at this time. We went on our first date on October 23rd 2001. A rockus Halloween dance at Dixie State in St. George. I remember meeting her a few weeks earlier with my sister Marie and telling my best friend Ben that night that I had met the Girl I was going to marry. He responded in true Ben fashion... Really. . .Wow, that's great. Now that awesome. . .Geez! Now he is married to my little sister and there 1st child is weeks away from baptism. We have moved 7 times in our marriage. Owned 4 cars. I have attended 3 different colleges and changed Career's 3 times. I have gained to much weight and she gets more beautiful everyday. We have seen a scary world get scarier. Share a wonderful little girl, and are enjoying our first home together. Karen turns 30 this year and we have our 10th anniversary next year. We hope to make it a great year. I still consider Karen my best friend and a great example. She so talented and resourceful. She keeps thing moving and makes my life a better place. Most of all I love her more than I can say. Life is not always easy, but I wouldn't want to face the challenges with anyone other then Karen. Just saying. . .


Marie Says Yes

Just sayin'.

I know how you feel. Life is good.


Beautiful family. I admire your passion for them, keep up the great work! Life goes one we all just need to enjoy it well we can!


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