Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Emma VS The BYU Game

Lavell Edwards Stadium

We were lucky enough to have two tickets given to us to the sold out BYU game. Matt was especially excited (the football fanatic that he is). I on the other hand thought it could be fun, and could be even more Fun, if I made the event idyllic for my scrapbook. So I decked Emma all out, in full proper BYU attire. I wanted to make her to be a cheerleader but grandma said "there is no way my granddaughter will be a cheerleader." So she is a very cute football player. I took pictures before the game that were "stink'n cute" but the smarty pants that I am, I forgot to put the memory card in. I'll find some way to get those pics off my camera. For the mean time these will have to do.
Emma before the game with her cute head band (her hair looked better than mine that day)

Matt and Emma the die hard BYU fans

I even put a cute little sign on her cute little bottom that said "Cowboys Stink"(the opposing team).We were afraid that the weather was going to be rainy, but we roasted in the sun instead. Matt was so wonderful at covering the baby with sunscreen that he forgot to put some on himself he was glowing a pretty tomato pink or shall I say medium-rare, at the end of the day.

The Game......
There was so much excitement in the air and the crowd was ecstatic Emma was terrific till the ROTC set off the cannon and then. . . she came unglued. I couldn't really hear her screaming because of all the noise, but I knew she was ticked. Finally after a few minutes under the bleachers she went to sleep and I was able to watch the first quarter of the game. Then the sun started to beat down and Emma started to turn all red. So back under the bleachers again, after she cooled down a bit I we tried to go out to the stadium but, because BYU has such a kicking cool team this year the team made a touch down every five minutes which meant that the cannon went off ever five minutes.

Matt , Emma, and Karen outside the stadium

To make a long story short Emma and I ended up on the grass outside of the stadium reading books. Emma loved it and we both got smiles from passer-bys at the adorable sight of mother and daughter enjoying a good book. BYU won the game but Emma won my heart and my attention that day. We spent the rest of the weekend and Monday recovering from the big game. Whewwww the funny thing is I thought Matt wanted to take Emma to the game and he thought that I wanted to take her to the game. We love our daughter but next time she'll be at a lovely place called the babysitters when the next game comes around. It will be less traumatic for all of us.

After the Game

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Emma, after her bath @ Grandma's on Sunday

Her eyes match the towel !

For all those out there who thought that we we forgot to up date our postings, well we haven't, I just don't think my life is all that interesting. Well mine isn't but Emma's life is! She did the funniest thing this morning. I put her in her swing for her morning nap, and I went in the other room to also take a nap and when I came out to check on her she was kinda hanging out the side I'll have to snap some pics next time. She is used to sleeping on her side, so I think she was trying to get to that position while strapped into her swing. Some good news!!! Matt has passed all his tests in his pathophysiology and pharmacology, but finds it very distracting with a super cute little girl around. Adding to Matt's already full plate, is the fact that he is the scout leader for our ward (perfect calling for a really big kid). Emma, is defiantly developing a little personality, today I tried twice to get a good picture of her but she had her own ideas of what she wanted to do. She definitely is not a sleepy newborn anymore. She is getting so BIG! Here are some pictures of when she was a month and a half and today, almost four months old. Some little bit of excitement for me was a service auction, I attended last night. I auctioned off an oil painting art class. Hopefully, I was able to get a few people interested in my art classes so I can start an art group.

Emma at a month and a halfEmma todayEmma's Bear Impression

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let the Games Begin!

Ummm.....What is this mushy stuff

Grandma watch this video

ewwwwwwww this tastes like a mixture of rice and plastic

being a baby is not easy

Well what a great few days, on the 11th we all went to the State Fair, we thought we were not sure that we would be going because of the cold rain and Emma's had twenty minute melt down. Talk about raw nerves, It was her second melt down of the day. You would think Emma was being brutally tortured every time we put her in her car seat. The little stink quits screaming the second she is out of the seat. Talk about a royal Princess fit. She is still my little sweety though, in spite of her fits. She was totally fascinated with all the lights on the carnival rides and visiting the prize winning bunnies. I devoured the art and crafts and did my own critiquing over the fine arts. My goal is to put one of my pieces of art in the State Fair before I die. I am curious to see how well I could do. The fine arts display was a motivator, and It inspires me to get painting again. I think it has been six months since I have painted and I am missing it terribly. I would like to start an art group some day too . . wishes and dreams.

Yesterday, Emma and I recovered from her melt downs (I honestly think that she screamed herself hoarse, she had nothing left) We went to visit her second cousins, and she loved all the attention. She especially love making conversation with Nathan who is her same size at six months old! Emma, also had he first encounter with rice cereal . . . I'll post some pics or her silly expressions later, you'd think we were feeding her escargot left overs. Well the cereal seems to stick with her longer so she did not wake up till 4:30 this morning. Today she just chilled with dad, who was a saint and cleaned the house and did the laundry (five stars for Matt!) I worked with my mom at the good old post office. I like working for the post office, but talk about monotony, the best part is getting to be outside. I am so excited that the leaves are already changing color on the mountainside. I scored on some yard sales and had fun sharing conversations with my mom/boss.

Here is some terrific news! BYU won 59 to 0 over UCLA talk about a butt whipping! Matt was a little nervous about the game but, as Matt would say "the righteous will prevail!" (he he he ha ha ha) the perfect ending to a Saturday.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It will be so much fun to try out and hopefull my brother in another country will enjoy seeing this blog to! Unfortunately I am not very computer savy (or as the the comcast guy calls me) so this has taken me two hours to do so. . . . untill later