Saturday, October 16, 2010

Emma and Her baby Punk


I promised I would blog before this week is up and so I am within only hours to spare yet I still get points of half a star for making the effort. My mind has been narrating when i would publish on my blog since my day of freedom September 22. Yes that was the day I was officially relieved of my duties of apartment manager. I must admit as must as I have always loved and longed to be a 100% stay at home mother I just don't know what quite to do with my self. Yet . . . I have no desire to start working. Emma has certainly enjoyed all of the attention yet their has bee a change for here to with the lack of little friends always sharing entertainment and fun. I still feel as though I am in a dream. First time in my life I have my own home. My entire life I have never had a permanent house the my family could call their home yet a
"House is where your heart is " I planing on doing a little blog on all the thoughts and picture of my new home.
Another adjustment Emma doesn't sleep in any more. Yes she's my build in alarm clock 7:30 am if I am lucky and if the lord knows I need sleep he answers my prayer by letting her sleep till a little after 8:00. Life has become so simple and I wonder how in the hell did I hold it all together during the months as a apartment manager and part of the primary presidency?????. I have half the duties that are required of me and I am still tired, HHMmmm figure that one out. While still adjusting to a new home lifestyle, neighborhood and ward there are a few things that will be a tradition in our little family. For the third year in a row me, Matt and the baby went to pick pumpkins this morning to me traditions are a small piece fastness in the life of a family if a family can keep a tradition then a family I believe can truly stick together. Though the course of my immediate family it has been the traditions that have reconnected and rekindled our hearts . I recently discovered that I truly Love my brothers.They were little !@#@s when they were young and up till about two years ago. And now I truly long for their presence and friendship. Well enough of the emotional stuff. Here is a tradition that will remain in our family for years to come.

Pictures and Picking Pumpkins

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In case ye forget and lose your reward. . .

OK we are still here. Busy. . . Crazy Busy. Matt has 37 days left in Nursing School, but it seems like 37 years most days. He is gone until 7 or later every weekday. So Emma and Karen are forced to hold down the fort alone. It would help if Karen, wasn't managing 60 other forts at the same time, but such is our life right now. Emma is officially a 2 year old with an attitude to prove it. She is starting to get a curl in her hair and talking up a storm. She goes from complete sentences to nonsense, but hey don't we all. We are starting to look at homes to purchase in all of our spare time, with Karen of course doing most of the work. We are all looking forward to the days when Matt can lead a life void of late night study sessions, and free clinical work hours. Anyways loved ones that's the update. Oh yes in recent news Emma spent the weekend at Primary Children's with a serious case of croup, which is always fun for all involved. She is getting better now and sleep through the night again. Thank you Lord. We will now attach pictures proving are continued presence upon this earth. Oh note we wanted to say that it was great to see Alex Chamberlain randomly at NPS weeks ago. We miss all of our friends and family during this crazy time in our lives.
The following are pictures from Emma's Birthday party. We had a big party with local friends from he neighborhood.

The Birthday Girl.

Karen's Awesome Winnie the Pooh Cake.

Karen the greatest momma on the block.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tea for Two and Two for Tea

Easter Sunday
I have always wanted an Easter dress and because of that I tent to go a little over board well I always wind up getting two. Oh well I purchased both of the dresses for les that $17 thank you Ross. Well more than anything else I always wanted to have pretty hair bow and a sister or cousin to have a matching outfit. Well after much reminding and a little prodding I was able to pursued may brother to go pick out an Easter dress for his daughter and I ever so slightly helped him think that his Daughter Grace And Emma should have matching dresses a dream come true. I was so happy I could cry form excitement and joy. There was a minor set back I had to alter one of the dresses to be smaller to fit one of the little girl can you believe it Emma and Grace and only inches apart and Emma definitely outweighs Grace when ever I pick up Grace I feel as though I am going to send her sailing to the moon. I the dresses turned out perfect although some wrestling skills were require and when Emma was final dresses she stood up like a spread eagle like an iguana was wearing an itchy wool sweater. I think I may have a tom boy on my hands. I’ll dress hear up until she really can voice her opinion Mom has got to have a little fun while it lasts. Well I was determined to make this a photographic event. ( I haven’t had many of those lately.) Although I tried to set up the studio and get some cut picture of the too cute girls the best ones happened when they were really playing pretend tea party.
Emma was super silly dispite those teeth that just wont come in all the way thats my little girl

Grace did these poses all on her own she is such a silly little doll

Two very cute little girls that are too cute for ther own good
they are so sweet when they aren't fighting

These two started playing just fine untill it became a contest on who had the most dishes

These are definatly little princesses Grace even has her little pink finger curled

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pictures people. . .

Almost two. . . and I can prove it!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Happiness Emma has obsessions in life at this point.
Our little Lady loves a good purse.

Baths are Awesome. DUDE

Shoes! She loves shoes. She tries on every pair she can find.
Babies. She owns 4 dolls and is looking to adopt at least 12 more.

Winnie the Pooh.

A few nights ago at 3 a.m. we heard Emma awake in her room. . .
Dad: Hi Emma. What are you doing?
Emma:Hi . . .Jaber Jaber. . . blah. . .blah. . . Winnie ah Pooh.