Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In case ye forget and lose your reward. . .

OK we are still here. Busy. . . Crazy Busy. Matt has 37 days left in Nursing School, but it seems like 37 years most days. He is gone until 7 or later every weekday. So Emma and Karen are forced to hold down the fort alone. It would help if Karen, wasn't managing 60 other forts at the same time, but such is our life right now. Emma is officially a 2 year old with an attitude to prove it. She is starting to get a curl in her hair and talking up a storm. She goes from complete sentences to nonsense, but hey don't we all. We are starting to look at homes to purchase in all of our spare time, with Karen of course doing most of the work. We are all looking forward to the days when Matt can lead a life void of late night study sessions, and free clinical work hours. Anyways loved ones that's the update. Oh yes in recent news Emma spent the weekend at Primary Children's with a serious case of croup, which is always fun for all involved. She is getting better now and sleep through the night again. Thank you Lord. We will now attach pictures proving are continued presence upon this earth. Oh note we wanted to say that it was great to see Alex Chamberlain randomly at NPS weeks ago. We miss all of our friends and family during this crazy time in our lives.
The following are pictures from Emma's Birthday party. We had a big party with local friends from he neighborhood.

The Birthday Girl.

Karen's Awesome Winnie the Pooh Cake.

Karen the greatest momma on the block.



wow. that cake is amazing. i am hiring her next year!

Jake, Bec, Jed, and Madi

Hey! It's Rebecca (Lambert) Hatch. So, I was bored and came across your blog from Krystals. I just had to say hi and say how cute that little girl of yours is. Good luck with the terrible twos (but just be prepared for the threes... they may be worse). And good luck to your hubby finishing up nursing school. Sounds like you have an exciting future ahead. It was good to check in with you and your cute fam.

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