Saturday, October 16, 2010


I promised I would blog before this week is up and so I am within only hours to spare yet I still get points of half a star for making the effort. My mind has been narrating when i would publish on my blog since my day of freedom September 22. Yes that was the day I was officially relieved of my duties of apartment manager. I must admit as must as I have always loved and longed to be a 100% stay at home mother I just don't know what quite to do with my self. Yet . . . I have no desire to start working. Emma has certainly enjoyed all of the attention yet their has bee a change for here to with the lack of little friends always sharing entertainment and fun. I still feel as though I am in a dream. First time in my life I have my own home. My entire life I have never had a permanent house the my family could call their home yet a
"House is where your heart is " I planing on doing a little blog on all the thoughts and picture of my new home.
Another adjustment Emma doesn't sleep in any more. Yes she's my build in alarm clock 7:30 am if I am lucky and if the lord knows I need sleep he answers my prayer by letting her sleep till a little after 8:00. Life has become so simple and I wonder how in the hell did I hold it all together during the months as a apartment manager and part of the primary presidency?????. I have half the duties that are required of me and I am still tired, HHMmmm figure that one out. While still adjusting to a new home lifestyle, neighborhood and ward there are a few things that will be a tradition in our little family. For the third year in a row me, Matt and the baby went to pick pumpkins this morning to me traditions are a small piece fastness in the life of a family if a family can keep a tradition then a family I believe can truly stick together. Though the course of my immediate family it has been the traditions that have reconnected and rekindled our hearts . I recently discovered that I truly Love my brothers.They were little !@#@s when they were young and up till about two years ago. And now I truly long for their presence and friendship. Well enough of the emotional stuff. Here is a tradition that will remain in our family for years to come.

Pictures and Picking Pumpkins