Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fly me to the moon!

Emma's trip through the Universe

Emma was Ahh struck by the pendulum!

First we had to check the weather to make sure it would be a clear night for lift off. Grandpa and Emma were the experts on the weather.

Emma is getting scared at the whole thought of going into space without grandpa

Here Is Emma and her Daddy at the launching dock

Here is Emma being Sized up for her space suit Do you think it will fit??? 10 ...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...............

Blast OFF!!!!

First stop

The Big Bright MOON

Emma and Mommy living the life on the moon!

One Small step for man, one smaller step for Emma

Then Emma and Daddy explored the Martian landscape!

As you can Guess Emma was home in time for her bed time story and dinner at eight. Nothing like a hard days works.

Well I always wanted to be a children's author ( Just Kidding) It all started last Friday Emma her Grandpa and I had some extra time. So while we were downtown and decided to go to planetarium after all it is free entertainment. We were only there for a half an hour but it sure put all of us in Ahh. There was so much to look at much more exciting than the normal four wall that Emma and I see ever day.

Emma and I had so much fun that we decided to go back on Saturday, we took the train down town and every one on the train just adored my Cutie-pa-Tootie.We even ran into ever trusty ever so spiritual BYU Fans (a rarity in Utah Territory) and came to find out we meet a receiver for next year on the Football team.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Matt's random thoughts!

So this is Matt and I am on assignment to update the blog so. . . here we go! I must say that the music that you now hear on the blog was my sweet idea stolen from my sister Marie, who stole it from someone else. Karen got dibs on the first song you hear but it does remind us both of our cute baby girl. The other songs are mostly chosen by me, but regulated by my sweetheart so that you guys don't have to rock out to hard to my taste in music. I mostly put chill stuff on there anyways until the end, then things pick up a little. So life for us is all about a soft little 8 mth old with 2 brand new bottom teeth, and smiles to spare. She is really a handful for Karen some days but Karen does an amazing job, and a lot of Emma's joy is a result of her sweet mothers love. My joy has a lot to do with that also. Nursing school has started up again for me and I am working 3 -12 hour shifts and 1 -4 hour shift, along with clinicals at another hospital on my free day and a 5 hour lecture on my 4 hour shift day in the morning! Busy that is what I am. Karen is flying solo most of the week until 9 p.m. and I don't always get to see my baby awake during the day. Emma makes sure I get to see her at night though and in some sick way I am glad, but you know how it is we all need more sleep! Emma is wanting to crawl so bad she commando's around across the room.

Karen has given her a toy box and drawer in the kitchen all to herself which she loves. Karen has really makes our home life wonderful for us and Emma and I really appreciate her.
I saw the above picture yesterday and thought about how far we have come since then. Yep, I will be the first to admit I married way up.
Enough said. . .

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Daddy's ( Papa Smurf )first day in his New scrubs For his clinicals in nursing school. Emma is enthralled with her daddy's stethoscope. Matt has 1 down and 4 more semesters to go. We are in it for the long haul.

Spreading Sunshine!!!
All along her way
Emma has always had a smile that bring joy to everyone. This past weekend we attended Emma's Great grandmother's funeral. Emma made best effort to cheer up all who were around her. He was even laughing her big belly laugh during the services.
Emma and Grandma Allred Sharing Smiles

Hanging out with Grandpa my "cuz" and Aunt "Re"
Livi, Emma's cousin, loving the free life of no pants and four wheel'n

Emma and her great Aunt Mary Lou. sharing her smiles and sunshines

A Child's Smile

A poem of your children, that is truly a blessing and gift from God
A child's smile brightens your day, brings joy throughout the day.
To see them laughing with glee, warms the heart in you and me
A child's smile lights up a dark room, and sends away the gloom
When they want to play with us, and give us a hug it shows love from God above
They are our blessing and gift in life, when they are sad or injured, we pick up the pieces, and
wipe each tear away to bring another smile to their face even on a rainy day.
When they grow up and leave the nest, we still bless God for our happiness
Our children is a blessing in life, and without them we would not have a life
Our God above has shown us great love from our children's laughter and smile to all
Ithank God everyday for our children's love, and blessed gift, when we pat their little heads and plant them a kiss.