Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This blog is brought to you by the letter "D"

Yes, todays blog is brought to by the letter "D" as is in my

Darling. . .
Dearest . . .
Daughter . . .
Delightfully. . .
Dined on . . . the letter

Yes the letter "D" . I was organizing my scrapbooking supplies in hope that I might see the desk top of my ever so missed crafting table this afternoon, and Emma was delightfully picking through what ever scraps she could find merely only tasting each color she found. Then when my back was turned ever so slightly, she shoved a now drooling, damp, die-cut, of a dusty-blue letter "D" I of course started to retrieve what ever I could get from her mouth but in her rebellion she swallowed all but a tiny scrap of my 2 1/2 inch letter "D". Dagnabit @#*@ I thought well here's to extra fiber in her diet and I though the Dang "D" had taken its course when I could tell it was a little stuck . . . well she wasn't in distress, so what won't come up, must go down with delicous apple juice.

I had to chuckled a little to myself because all I could think of was Seseame Street and Cookie Monster eating the letter "D" which is ever more silly because Emma has to play with her Cookie Monster giggle toy ever time I change her diaper. Today we learned from Seseame Street a lesson we didn't want to learn! "C" is for crazy that's good enough for me! I hope everything goes through Digestive tract Okay

Thursday, March 12, 2009

ode to joy

Do you know this Woman?

My wife is funny, genuine, patient, sincere, and just plain good. I miss her when I am away from the house everyday more than she will ever know. She is such a wonderful mother to our child and friend to me. I am never truly at peace until she is at rest. I love her more everyday. Words are weak to discribe my true gratitude and adoration for her. I will love her beyond every tomorrow. She is my JOY.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Laundry Day!

Sometimes things pile up, and we are lucky in such times to have such a great little helper! Who else would give us the chance to refold, as often as our little Emma does!
It is a lot harder to try and take pictures of such as active moving target. All the world is a game for our little one at this point. This is her 9 month Teddy Bear picture, compare and see how much our baby has grown.

The cutest little profile in all the world.
The expression on her face reminds us both of her Grandpa Allred. We love you Grandpa!
Emma will always be our little princess.
The Bluest Eyes. . .