Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Turning one has never been so fun

Wow I really cant believe how time is a mere blink of the eye, yet it can seem as though some days or weeks will never end. There is one thing I do know is that I cherish ever moment I spend with my smiling chubby cheeked girl. People who look back on there life never wish they would have spent more time watching TV , working on careers, or Internet surfing, they always say how they wished they would have spent more time with the ones they love. Well enough of the sappiness. Emma had a party full of fun. I sent out the invitations with a cute picture inside so that all who were invited would be enticed to see the butterfly beauty. Her is the quick photo shot that I did at my uncle's house. I was able to get a few smiles despite the fact that it was totally bedtime. I must say I am one proud mommy and one pleased photographer (a.k.a. Me)

I know that a one year old doesn't really know what all the excitement is about but my one year old certainly loved all of the attention! And hey, I love to have any reason to have a party, just ask my mother. Emma was so excited to have her favorite Grandpa and Grandma Allred and awsome cousins come form St George for the momentousocassion. It was really a three day party. We had the get together at her grandma Jen's house in Kamas and then we all went swimming one Em's favorite things to do!

Here is the Birthday girl
I have to say that Em's Daddy picked out her birthday dress! super cute!
Hanging with the Awsome cousins

Awww Em's awe struck by the candle (I hope she doesnt become a piro like her daddy)
Emma's was a little confussed on was her daddy gave her a whole cake to eat but once she had a taste or two she was hooked. I hope she didn't get a tummy ache.

"Here Daddy you try some it tastes so much better after I licked it"
Present time !!! I think Em was a sugar over dose and didn;t know quiet what to think but she liked all of the new things to play with especially the paper!

Here is some of the party guests. Em's Second cuz Oakland. Mr Blue Eyes
Em's Friend Rachel she came clear from Idaho ( this is Rachel's Model pose )

And of course the grandparents

Emma would also Marie like to say "de-d0" wich trasanslates to "Thank You" to aunt Marie for coming and Aunt Jan, Cuz Sara and Lacy, Isabella, Isac, Isaiha, KJ, and Olivia, Krystal, Racheal, Grandma and Grandpa Allred and all other fabulouso people who came to party.
Turning One has never been so Fun!


Okay, Okay, it has been like . . . . . forever since I personally have been able to blog here are my list of excuses.
1. I sleep + Emma sleeps = no blogging time
2. My husband is a computer and not to mention a bathroom hog. Every moment that I find that I can blog My hubby is happily playing the keyboard.
3. I don't feel like fighting with my computer.
4. My husband is a computer hog.
5. I feel guilty blogging while my daughter is awake because I feel I should be spending every blissful moment of my attention on her.
5. I just finish directing a play.
6. I am sooo tired that sleepping beauty wouldn't even wake up for a kiss from a young hottie.
7. Oh and did a mention my husband is a computer hog...(J/K I love You honey)