Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mutton Bustin. . .1-15 style!

Hey everyone this is Matt. I have a hopefully once in a lifetime experience to share with all of you. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Emma and I went down to visit my family in La Verkin. Karen had to work late Wednesday night and early Friday morning, so she decided to stay home, so that I could spend a little extra time with my family. I missed each other terribly, but I appreciate her sacrifice in letting me see my family a little longer. I got down home Wednesday night, and due to weather concerns decided to come home early Saturday Morning. Karen was sick and home alone as well, and Emma travels better early so she can sleep in the car seat. I left home around 5 a.m. and the trip was uneventful until I got about 5 miles south of Nephi. So let me set the stage for all of you. . . imagine the early morning light with a gray overcast and a gray freeway. I was minding my own and cruising along at 80 mph on Cruise control. I was waiting for radio stations to appear again etc. I go up over a little hill and . . . I SEE SHEEP ON THE FREEWAY. . . not just one or two a whole FREAKING HERD! I was about 50 yards from them at this point and there was not getting around them. I was in shock but didn't have time to compute even a little. I hit my brakes and hoped for the best.

I hit two. The first one met my car broadside right in the middle of the license plate. I was hitting my brakes as hard as was safe, but I bet was was still going 50 mph when I hit her. She turned just before I hit her and gave me a look like one of these Serta Mattress sheep here. She flew back airborne and was dead on impact. I met the second one at almost the same moment around my right headlight. I hit the second one in the hind quarter. In my weird surgical brain I automatically thought about how, the one had severe internal bleeding, and the other had an inoperable pelvic fracture. So the impact slowed me down alot more, and I was able to pull over without clearing out more of the sheep. I got to the side of the freeway, and thought about what had just happened. My first thought. . . HOLY SHEEP! I JUST HIT A HERD OF SHEEP ON 1-15! I checked my rear view and saw a UHP trooper moving the rest of the sheep off the road. I know it could have been a lot worse. . . Emma slept through the entire thing and I didn't swerve off the road and kill us. My car has a shattered bumper, and I have a little tuft of wool stuck in my bumper that I am keeping as a trophy of my kill. I got an accident report from the officer. So I call my insurance. and they tell me that it is my responsibility to pay the deductible. If this was a first time event for the farmer of the sheep. It was of course, who lets their sheep roam the freeway on a daily basis. So. . . Merry Christmas. I went to my uncle Craig's house in Nephi and he helped me duct tape and wire the bumper safe enough to drive home. I think we will wait until after Christmas to fix the stupid thing. Crazy. . . sheep on the freeway.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'd like an order of sunshine to go with that

When under stress, or when my sweet Emma has been Whining for hours, or when I am sick and tired of lazy tenants, or I am at the end of of my rope, I always try to picture myself at Laguna Beach.

When I heard I had an inkling of a chance that my daily fantasy was with in the grasp of my fingertips, I leaped at the chance.Even if I had to brave the city of LA by myself I was going to go.

Matt Has been such a hard worker in school and work and is 100%dedicated to doing his best as a result he was offered a stay in a close friends home in Palm Spring. Matt has had three opportunities to go yet with his dedicated perseverance he has been unable to juggle his school and work schedule.

So thanks to my ever loving, hard working. brain squeezing husband of mine who has made it possible for my daughter and I to go to the California.
Some pictures just speak for themselves.

In the beginning of July I took an apartment management position which has been a great blessing to our family yet, I feel the quality time that I had with Emma was lacking and I was determined to make it up to her on this trip. It was so wonderful to be in a place with no distraction or mind sparking need to clean the carpet or fold the laundry. The first day I broke out my camera, which has been so immensely missed along, with blogging and all other creative things that my business has eaten way at. I just had to snap some pictures of my little chick. I still can't believe how much she has grown. This Emma and I taking off on her first airplane ride to Phoenix..... The take off was great and then . . . . it was nap time. lets just say that as a mother you no longer become embarrassed over anything strange smells, screaming children, loud screaming kids, chocolate stuck to you pant due to the granola bar that you r baby finish of or rather didn't finish and did I mention a loud Screaming baby. My brother who was traveling with us said" I have never seen Emma act that way!" Yes this little face my look deceiving but their are sprouting horn bud sat the back of her head that seem to grow at the most in opportune time possible. By then we got off the plane in phoenix Emma had whimpered herself to sleep on uncle Chris's shoulder which did not last for long. We then flew to Long Beach and then rented a car went grocery shopping and ate t In and out burger. We did all this to avoid traffic from LA. My brother Chris did not think this necessary but, I having experiences in L.A. knew spending two hours shopping and dinning is better than two hours in the car with a screaming baby. As soon we hit the freeway Emma was out for the count I had to check on her twice to make sure she was breathing because this was the quietest she had been in eighteen hours

There is my sweet little Girl doesn't she have such a pleasant face when there are no horns.

The weather was absolutely perfect, not too hot not to cold.

Emma was pleased as punch
to be walking bare foot
in mid November

I had to take a picture of Emma and I and not wanting to brother uncle Chris. I set up my timer on my camera and took the picture myself. I love the exquisite magenta flowers. The more I think about, I think I need to move to a sunnier climate.

I keep thinking that spring was just around the corner sadly I was slapped in the face with reality when I flew into snowy Salt Lake.

I had told Chris that I had NO plans to do anything but sit at the pool side and soak up the sunshine. Or as the doctor my percribed Vitamin "D" Therapy.
Feeling pity on my board bother we took a trip to the mall I thought the mall would be allot bigger than the ones in Utah after all the ones in Florida were four stories tall and as big as six football feilds. I must say that malls in California are mindfully of family and children the was a "sweet" , family / changing room where you could change you baby watch sponge Bob nurse or just play with your little one. There were even s heated wipes, talk about cushy.Does California pay higher taxes than Utah???? Doesen't Utah have the largest number in the country for children under the age of eighteen, I say we start a petition . OH yeah I was talking about my vacation.. Anyway this is Emma playing at the mall on some cool foam toys.

We had to take this picture of Emma in the helicopter for uncle Nick

Finally a Cheese from Emma although she still wouldn't look at the camera

Here Is Uncle Chris climbing in to the big rig. Do you think Uncle Chris has a thing for diesel Trucks or what .

Your never to old to be a kid.
Jeffery the Griffie from TOY R US

Here are some pretty "dang" cute Piggies

Emma prancing around with her pretty, polished, pink piggies in her perfect pink polka dot suit

I just couldn't leave with out getting a picture by these beautiful flowers. It was like finding a pearl for me in the bitter beginning of winter
During my trip to California I was able to see an angel...

I thought it was unique for the light to catch a glimmer of Emma's golden hair can you see her halo?

This picture was defiantly a Kodak moment . Emma sharing uncle Chris's BBQ ribs
I Wanted to take a picture of the lovely home we stayed in but. . . the house was too big. It was as though I was staying in a home I toured in the parade of homes in St George . Theather Room and everything
Thousands of wind mills
Wind mill farm between LA and Palm Springs

Emma's First encounter with the ocean and the beach a moment that can not be replicated or replaced Mother and Daughter in hand
Ah finally the Beach. I must say there is something about the beach that give one tranquility. I could have spent my whole visit camping on the beach. I don't know if it is the found memories of childhood or the bright loving sunshine. I also have a confession to make get ready for this one Allreds....
I even love the beach more than Disney Land don't get me wrong I love Disney and Disney movies and Disney stuff, Heck how many peolpe do you know have a disney tree and has painted a dozen disney walls. I just love the calmness of a good day at the beach.
One happy little girl.

There is nothing like sand between your toes.

A beautiful baby with a beautiful back drop.

Th cutest crab on the beach
Emma got a little grumpy after she fell down in the water. . .
I told her she needed to hold my hand. she has become quite the little Miss Independant.

Born free. . .

Livin the dream

interpritive dancing. . . I'm free . . . I'm free

Don't you hate it when you get sand in your pants

Uncle Chris and Emma chilling at the beach

Her is the picture I would like blown up to the size of my front window so I don't have to look at the cold winter snow

My favorite sign

Children are never
more serious
than when at play
-William Shakspeare

Emma slept most of the ride home on the plane ant yes the trip was too short you don't even know how many times I tryed to work out in my mind how I could stay longer.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pictures people. . . Pictures and a VIDEO!

Happy Halloween! This is how we served the food at our party. Yummy

Capt. Hook, Peter Pan, and Tinker Bell!

Emma is a little ball of energy. Her most recent adventure is walking backwards! We are not sure why she does this, but she sure gets all excited about it. Here are a lot of pictures. She is a sweet little girl! Happy Fall!