Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Family Christmas Party -

a short message to Elder " Big J"

Here is all the guy hanging out and holding down the fort.

This is the little boys fighting over the trains. they fought over the trains all night even during the nativity

this is mom reading the "Cajun Night Before Christmas" an all time family tradition who knew that alligators could fly.

Here is the clan making funny looking reindeer

This is a picture of all the cousins writing the missionaries and sending them goodies Thes guy sure look like they could be up to trouble! I wonder what kind of surprises the missionary will find!

The nativity of with the family

You have every animal that came to visit baby jesus even a garaffe and a dalmation.

Emma the little Lamb

The three little yappers

A Message to Elder Latham!

So this is for Elder Jon Latham in Brazil, and we hope he has a very Merry Christmas! p.s. tease Matt about this and there will be no forgiveness in this life nor the next!

Emma "da ice cube" Allred

Emma just loves to play with ice cubes!